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DEO's Growth Secrets Podcast for Dental Organizations

May 10, 2022

In this episode, Emmet hosts orthodontist Dr. Ryan Hungate, Founder, and CEO of Simplifeye. Dr. Hungate shares easy-to-implement advice for dentists who want to modernize their practices and reduce overhead by adding automation and workflows to help their businesses run more efficiently.
Emmet and Dr. Hungate discuss the unique inflection point the dental industry finds itself in with technology and consumer demand for convenience, amongst the challenges of high inflation and a difficult labor market. As dental companies face these challenges, technology can help save costs and meet consumer demand for convenient options for scheduling an appointment, paying their bill and more. They also touch on topics like how to stay competitive, social media, marketing, customer communication, systems, payment processing, staffing, software, and much, much more.

Simplifeye is a company focused on streamlining processes to increase patients and revenue while decreasing overhead. For more information visit: