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DEO's Growth Secrets Podcast for Dental Organizations

Feb 10, 2023

In this special episode, Emmet hosts Dr. Ben Winters, AKA “The Bentist,” DDS, MS, who is the keynote speaker for DEO Growth Summit 2023 in June. Dr. Winters shares his incredible story with Emmet and how he rose to fame on TikTok. He offers tips for dentists who want to leverage social media to gain a following and increase patient flow to their practice. Dr. Winters also gives a sneak peek into what he’ll share at Summit - a formula for going viral on social media to drive more patients and business. Emmet and Dr. Winters cover how social media can help dental entrepreneurs connect with patients, cut costs in patient acquisition, build trust, make a positive impact, and much more.

To hear Ben and many more stellar group dentistry speakers, don't miss the DEO Growth Summit 2023, June 8-10 in San Diego. Register here: